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TCS-Based Solar Grade Polysilicon Plant
and Ingot & Wafer Plant
Planning, Engineering, Construction &
Capital Equipment Supply

SN Materials Services


SN Materials provides a broad range of development, engineering, construction and operating services and solutions related to the Solar Grade Polysilicon Production plant and Ingot & Wafer plant.

  • Full range of engineering services including a complete polysilicon plant BEP(Basic Engineering Package)
  • Partial solutions for Polysilicon plant and Ingot/Wafer Plant
  • Capital Equipment Supply
  • Plant Engineering, Procurement and Construction(EPC) Service
  • Project Management Consulting(PMC) Service
  • Plant Operating and Training Service

SN Materials Polysilicon and PV equipment offers customer to higher productivity and lower costs by his historical business base in the solar industry.

SN Materials Proven Experiences


SN Materials’s team has experienced with TCS based Chlorination process (5,000 MTA production capacity Poly-Si), TCS based Hydrochlorination process(10,000MTA production capacity Poly-Si) and integration of both plant.

  • Engineering work for Polysilicon production plant
  • Procurement & Inspection work for Equipment & Instrument
  • Construction work including Cleaning
  • Capital Equipment Supply
  • Operator Training and Operating
  • QA/QC
  • Safety Training

SN Materials has engineering specialists experienced in solar grade polysilicon plant engineering, procurement, construction and capital equipment.


SN Materials provides assistance with all facets of the plant including engineering, construction, quality assurance and control, product processing, safety and operator training, start-up and operation.


Ingot & Wafer Plant Construction and Operation

What SN Material Offers You


SN Materials’s planning and engineering process will result in a plant designed for the production of Solar-grade polysilicon and Ingot & Wafer.
SN Materials provides complete set of Polysilicon plant & Ingot & Wafer plant solutions and benefits;

  • Expert engineering team with experience in polysilicon plant and Ingot/Wafer production plant engineering, construction, operator and safety training, plant start-up and operation
  • Complete plant engineering systems designs that integrate whole system including deposition reactors
  • SN Materials provides the best process and solutions based on our experienced and developed process
  • Open process design and equipment based on our experience using the best processes and equipment available including CVD reactors and Hydrochlorination reactor.

SN Materials engineering package for polysilicon plant provides the following systems;

  • 1.

    Hydrochlorination Process System

  • 2.

    Gas/Liquid Separation process System

  • 3.

    Gas Purification Process System

  • 4.

    CVD Reactors with Operating Recipe

  • 5.

    CVD Heat Recovery System

  • 6.

    Off-Gas Recovery and Recycle System

  • 7.

    Waste Silane Recovery System


SN Material engineering package integrates these systems into the balanced production plant system.


SN Material engineers design the TCS Production and purification system using improvement on the proven Siemens process with hydrochlorination of STC gas and MG-Si.